Source code for phantom.negated

This module provides a single type: :py:class:`SequenceNotStr`. This type is equivalent
to :py:class:`typing.Sequence` except it excludes values of type :py:class:`str` and
:py:class:`bytes` from the set of valid instances. This can be useful when you want to
eliminate the easy mistake of forgetting to wrap a string value in a containing
from __future__ import annotations

from typing import Generic
from typing import Sequence
from typing import TypeVar

from typing_extensions import get_args

from . import Phantom
from . import _hypothesis
from .predicates import boolean
from .predicates.generic import of_type

__all__ = ("SequenceNotStr",)

T = TypeVar("T")

[docs]class SequenceNotStr( Sequence[T], Phantom, Generic[T], # Note: We don't eliminate mutable types here like in PhantomSized. This is because # the property of not being a str cannot change by mutation, so this specific # phantom type is safe to use with mutable types. predicate=boolean.negate(of_type((str, bytes))), ): @classmethod def __register_strategy__(cls) -> _hypothesis.HypothesisStrategy: from hypothesis.strategies import from_type from hypothesis.strategies import tuples def create_strategy(type_: type[T]) -> _hypothesis.SearchStrategy[T] | None: (inner_type,) = get_args(type_) return tuples(from_type(inner_type)) return create_strategy